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All elected and appointed officers of the Osage Nation, before entering upon the duties of their offices, shall take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:

“I, _____(name)_________________, do proudly swear (or affirm) to carry out the responsibilities of the office of __ (name of office) __________________ to the best of my ability, freely acknowledging that the powers of this office flow from the Osage People and Wah-kon-tah (Wah-kon-tah). I further swear (or affirm) always to place the interest of all Osages above any special or personal interests, and to respect the right of future generations to share the rich historic and natural heritage of our Osage People. In doing so, I will always uphold and defend the Constitution of the Osage Nation, so help me God.”

The foregoing oath shall be administered by a member of the Osage Nation Judiciary.