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A. Academic term scholarship” means the scholarship awarded to member students whose grade point average for the previous term as defined by the attending institution is 3.0 or its equivalent or above. The award is made on a per term basis, and is not cumulative. Further requirements shall be set forth in approved and published Osage Education Scholarship Policies and Procedures.

B. Associates colleges” means institutions where all degrees are at the associate’s level, or where bachelor’s degrees account for less than ten percent (10%) of all undergraduate degrees, including institutions eligible for classification as tribal colleges or universities, BIA colleges and universities and special focus institutions.

C. Baccalaureate colleges and universities” means institutions where baccalaureate degrees represent at least ten percent (10%) of all undergraduate degrees and where fewer than fifty (50) master’s degrees or twenty (20) doctoral degrees were awarded during the year, excluding special focus institutions and tribal colleges.

D. Calendar school year” means the terms encompassing fall, spring and summer sessions.

E. Career-tech” means any accredited institution providing formal, post-compulsory education that develops knowledge, skills, and attributes linked to particular forms of education.

F. Classification change incentive” means a grant paid to those Osage member students who are advancing toward a degree. Osage member students are eligible once the student has taken and passed sufficient courses to be considered sophomore classification in undergraduate work and after a certain number of hours or other classification designation for graduate work. Students must be in good standing to qualify and must apply in accordance with Osage Education Scholarship Policies and Procedures after he or she qualifies.

G. Congress” means Osage Nation Congress.

H. Employee” means a person employed by the Osage Nation or by a wholly owned business entity with part-time, full-time, temporary, exempt, nonexempt, or contract status.

I. Executive” means the Osage Nation Executive Branch unless otherwise specified.

J. Field of study internship” means the internship available during the summer semester for Osage member students classified as juniors, seniors, graduate and doctoral students to work in a job related to their field of study. Further requirements shall be set forth in Osage Education Scholarship Policies and Procedures.

K. General scholarship” means the scholarship awarded to students in good standing based on institution category and classification on a per enrolled hour basis. The definitions contained in this Act shall govern how an institution is categorized by the Osage Nation Education Department.

L. Graduate/professional degree institution” means a baccalaureate college or university or research university attended by a graduate or professional degree student.

M. Graduate/professional degree student” means a student who has been awarded a bachelor’s degree and is enrolled in at least three hours at a baccalaureate college or university or research university in a graduate or professional degree program.

N. Graduate degree award” means the monetary sum awarded to Osage member students completing a graduate or professional degree from a research university. Students must provide a completed application along with a final official transcript showing degree awarded. Further requirements shall be set forth in approved and published Osage Education Scholarship Policies and Procedures.

O. Graduation stole award” means the stole awarded to those recipients of Osage Nation scholarships, grants and awards who request same to wear in commencement ceremonies. Students who will successfully earn a degree at an accredited institution for higher education and who intend to attend commencement ceremonies may apply for a stole in accordance with approved and published Education Department Policies and Procedures.

P. Osage Nation Education Department” means the Department authorized by Osage Law as part of the Education Division of the Osage Nation.

Q. Osage Nation Education Scholarship Policies and Procedures” means the written and published policies, including award criteria and procedures for obtaining scholarship funds. To be effective and enforceable, such policies and procedures must be approved in accordance with Osage Law.

R. Osage Nation higher education scholarships” means collectively all post-secondary education scholarships, grants and awards available to Osage Nation members who qualify. Qualifications for individual scholarships may vary, but must be awarded without consideration to age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or geographic location of the applicant or institution.

S. Required reading scholarship” means an allowance to offset the cost of required course reading material necessary for a student to successfully complete an enrolled course in a given term, categorized in three-hour increments or other term designation, not to exceed a maximum for the calendar school year.

T. Research university” means institutions that award at least twenty (20) research doctoral degrees during the year.

U. Student in good standing” means an Osage member student who is eligible to receive funding from the Osage Scholarship Fund. Such student must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or equivalent as established in the Osage Nation Education Scholarship policies, must request scholarship assistance in accordance with Osage Nation scholarship procedures, and must not have been previously funded for the range of hours to obtain one associate’s, one bachelor’s, one master’s and/or one doctoral degree, or one career diploma or certification. A student member who has been convicted of misusing scholarship funds is not thereafter eligible to qualify as a student in good standing. ONCA 12-17, eff. Apr. 3, 2012; ONCA 12-113, eff. Sept. 28, 2012.