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A. Registration of Voters. Voters are not required to register with the exception of absentee voters who must apply to the Election Office for absentee voter status according to the provisions of this Code.

B. Voter Identification. Any qualified voter may vote in any primary, general or special election upon presentation of a government-issued photo identification (I.D.), or positive identification by two persons serving as election officials, provided those persons sign an affidavit affirming the voter’s identity. The Board may approve other commonly accepted identification methods.

C. Primary Election – Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief.

1. A primary election for the positions of Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief shall be held on the first Monday in April in even-numbered years in which the positions of Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief are on the ballot in the general election, and when special elections are called pursuant to Section 11-101(D) of this Title.

2. If two or fewer candidates for Principal Chief or Assistant Principal Chief file by the filing deadline, those candidates shall advance to the general or special election and no primary election for those offices shall be held.

D. Primary Election – Osage Nation Congress. There shall be no primary election for the Osage Nation Congress.

E. General Election. The general election shall be held on the first Monday in June in 2016 and every even-numbered year thereafter.

F. Special Election. Special elections shall be called by the Principal Chief to fill a vacancy as provided by Osage law or as required by Article XI, Section 8, and Article XX of the Constitution, unless otherwise provided by Osage law.

G. Oath of Office. All newly elected officials shall take the oath of office, subscribe to same, and assume the duties of their respective offices on the second Saturday of the first month after their election. Any newly elected official who fails to comply with this provision on the assigned date shall not occupy the office to which they were elected, and said office shall be considered vacant. Any newly elected official temporarily incapacitated by accident or illness shall be exempted from this requirement until that time they are able to assume the responsibilities of their elected position unless otherwise provided by Osage law.

H. Recall Elections. Recall elections shall be held within one hundred (100) calendar days of the certification of the recall petition by the Osage Nation Supreme Court. The date of the election shall be set by the Board and shall constitute a special election. ONCA 17-107, eff. Oct. 4, 2017.