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A. Authority and Issuance. The ENR Department is empowered, authorized, and directed to issue all rulings, instructions, and orders, incidental or required to regulate and preserve the Osage Nation’s natural resources pursuant to the approved regulations.

1. All orders, rulings, rules, and regulations, that have been properly filed in the records of the ENR Department, or in the records of the Osage Nation, shall be continued in full force and effect until repealed, replaced, superseded, or amended by the ENR Department or by an act of the Osage Nation Congress.

B. Review and Inspection. Any ruling or regulation related to the Osage Nation’s natural resources and issued by the ENR Department may be reviewed at the discretion of the ENR Department or the Osage Nation Congress. All final rulings and regulations of the ENR Department shall be compiled and be subject to public inspection on the Osage Nation website and at the ENR Department.

C. Promulgation. Any adoption, amendment, or repeal of any substantive regulations shall be conducted according to the provisions of the Osage Nation Administrative Procedures Act, subject to final approval by the Osage Nation Congress prior to promulgation. ONCA 17-35, eff. Apr. 6, 2017.