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A. Vehicles and Equipment.

1. All vehicles or equipment that come into contact with fresh produce must be cleaned and sanitized before using them for transportation.

2. Any vehicles or equipment used to haul garbage, manure, or other debris must not be used to haul fresh produce or contact the containers or pallets that are used to haul fresh produce without first being carefully cleaned and sanitized.

3. All vehicles and equipment must be inspected for cleanliness, odors, obvious dirt or debris before beginning the loading process.

B. Loading and Unloading of Food Products.

1. All persons involved in the loading and unloading of food during transport must be trained on and follow proper hand-washing techniques and hygiene practices.

2. All food must be loaded in vehicles in a manner designed to minimize physical damage to the produce and to reduce the potential for contamination during transport.

3. Food products must be loaded in a manner that allows proper refrigerated air circulation.

C. Temperature Control During Transportation.

1. Farmers must maintain proper food temperatures and not transport food products with incompatible refrigeration requirements.

2. The cooling system of the vehicle must be inspected and maintained to ensure proper temperature regulation.

D. Food Storage.

1. All food storage areas must be cleaned regularly, and all visible debris, soil, dirt, and unnecessary items must be removed.

2. Farmers must take steps to minimize free-floating dust and other airborne contaminants. ONCA 21-40, eff. Apr. 28, 2021.