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It shall be lawful for security personnel, as authorized by 14 ONC 12-105(C)(5)(h), to use or attempt to offer to use force or violence upon or toward the person of another in the following instances:

A. When necessarily committed by a law enforcement officer in the performance of any legal duty, or by security personnel assisting such officer or acting by such officer’s direction;

B. When necessarily committed by any security personnel in detaining one who has committed or attempted to commit an offense in his or her presence or who has an outstanding arrest warrant, as authorized by 7 ONC 6-102(C)(1), and promptly delivering such person to a law enforcement officer to receive such person in custody;

C. When committed by a law enforcement officer or security personnel in preventing another person from committing an act dangerous to such person’s self or to another, or enforcing such restraint as is necessary for the protection of the person or others, during such period only as shall be necessary to obtain legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person. ONCA 18-02, eff. Jan. 25, 2018.