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Except for tort and prize claims covered by the Compact, when a person brings a dispute for resolution pursuant to Section 11-108 of this Title, the complainant has the right to explain his or her side of the dispute, and to present witnesses in connection with any factual allegations. At each level, if the dispute remains unresolved, the complainant shall be informed of the right to take the dispute to the next higher level as set forth in Section 11-108 of this Title. Resolution of any dispute by the personnel of a gaming operation shall always involve two or more staff members. All disputes, whether resolved or not, shall be reported in detail by the staff persons involved to their supervisor, or, in the case of the general manager of the gaming operation, to the Commission. ONCA 07-09, eff. Dec. 8, 2006; ONCA 10-73, eff. Oct. 5, 2010; ONCA 11-09, eff. Feb. 11, 2011.