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A. In recognition of the inherent sovereign right of the Osage Nation to govern its own activities within its own jurisdiction and at the same time recognizing that the United States of America has enacted federal laws on Indian gaming, the Osage Nation supports the policy statement of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that gaming is a means of promoting tribal economic development, self-sufficiency, and strong tribal government.

B. The Osage Nation Congress recognizes the Constitution of the Osage Nation provides that Tribal Enterprise Boards shall be established, by Osage law, in the Executive Branch, and the Principal Chief shall appoint qualified professionals to oversee operations of Osage Nation business enterprises, by and with the advice and consent of the Osage Nation Congress. The Osage Nation Congress finds the Constitution also provides that the Osage Nation Congress shall reserve the right to review any action taken by the Board and may approve the Annual Plan of Operation for the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise.

C. By this enactment, it is the intent of the Osage Nation Congress to ensure that the Nation’s Enterprise is constituted and organized in conformity with the Constitutional framework of the Osage Nation for the benefit of the Osage people.

D. By this enactment, it is the intent of the Osage Nation Congress to require that one hundred percent (100%) of the net revenues of the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise are available to the Nation for use for the specific purposes set forth in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, 25 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq. and in accordance with the needs and policies of the Osage Nation.

E. As a means of ensuring that the Osage Nation is the primary beneficiary of the revenues generated by the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise, hereafter the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise shall remit one hundred percent (100%) of its monthly net revenues to the Treasury of the Osage Nation; provided, that the Enterprise may retain such amounts as may be authorized by the Congress by approval of an Annual Plan as further set forth in Section 12-104 of this Title.

F. As a means of effecting greater accountability, hereafter the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise shall operate under an Annual Plan and shall prepare an Annual Report at the end of each year in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 12-104 of this Title. The Annual Plan may be approved by the Osage Nation Congress in whole or in part in accordance with Section 12-108 of this Title.

G. The purpose of this law is to establish a structural and procedural framework that both fosters the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise’s accountability to the Nation and provides sufficient flexibility to enable the Enterprise to operate profitably as well as to reduce and limit the exposure to civil liability that may arise in the form of contracts, loans, expenditures, or obligations of the Osage Nation gaming and gaming-related operations. ONCA 14-79, eff. Sept. 26, 2014.