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A. Pursuant to the Constitution of the Osage Nation, the Osage Nation Congress does hereby establish that the “Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise” is an unincorporated business enterprise of the Osage Nation with all the powers and limitations set forth herein, and such powers and limitations thereon shall supersede any prior authorizations or law of the Osage Tribal Council and/or the Osage Nation Congress. The Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise is the successor in interest to the Osage Tribe Gaming Enterprise and nothing in this Act shall be construed to alter any lawful contractual obligations now or heretofore duly authorized by the Enterprise under prior law.

B. For all purposes, including but not limited to civil jurisdiction, regulatory jurisdiction, and taxation, the Enterprise is an instrumentality of the Osage Nation, with all the privileges and immunities of the Osage Nation.

C. The Enterprise shall have no authority to exercise any regulatory or legislative power. ONCA 14-79, eff. Sept. 26, 2014.