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A. Licenses, except provisional licenses (see Section 3-112, Provisional license), shall be for a term of up to two years, and shall expire no later than the second anniversary of the effective date of such licenses.

B. In order for the Nation to recover the costs of complying with federal, Osage Nation, and state regulatory processes applicable to Class II and Class III Gaming, annual license fees shall be imposed:

1. In the amount of Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($7,500.00) annually on each party, other than the Nation, to a management contract;

2. On any persons required to obtain a license, in accordance with a fee schedule to be established by the Commission; and

3. In addition to the license fees imposed pursuant to subsections (B)(1) and (B)(2) of this section, the Commission may impose such fees on licensees as are reasonably related to costs of enforcement, including investigations and proceedings before the Commission, and which will in the aggregate be sufficient to enable the Nation and the Commission to recover reasonable costs of enforcing this statute. Such costs may be estimated by the Commission and imposed prior to a final Commission action regarding a particular licensee or applicant.

C. Violations of any provision of this statute or the rules, or relevant license provisions, by a licensee shall be deemed contrary to the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the Nation and the inhabitants of the Reservation, and shall be deemed grounds for refusing to grant or renew a license, or for suspending or revoking a license. Acceptance of a license, or renewal thereof by a licensee, constitutes an agreement on the part of the licensee to be bound by the provisions of this statute and the rules as they are now, or as they may hereafter be amended or restated, and to cooperate fully with the Commission. It is the responsibility of the licensee to remain informed of the contents of this statute, the rules and all other applicable regulations, amendments, provisions, and conditions, and ignorance thereof will not excuse violations. A license issued hereunder is a privilege license and no right shall attach thereto. ONCA 07-09, eff. Dec. 8, 2006; ONCA 10-73, eff. Oct. 5, 2010; ONCA 11-09, eff. Feb. 11, 2011.