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A. All legislation that complies with this Act must be acted on by vote of the entire Congress unless withdrawn. All Congressional rules for processing legislation by placing same on General Order rather than the Speaker assigning same to a Committee may be called for prior to the session. Should the Congress present the necessary signatures to place a piece of legislation on General Order, it shall automatically be placed on General Order Day 2 for amendment on the first day of session. The Speaker may also announce in writing to the Chief and the members the intent to place an item on General Order Day 2 on the first day of session. Should this occur, all members should be prepared to present amendments, if any, on day one of the special session.

B. If the Speaker intends to assign legislation to a Committee, this should also be communicated so that all Chairpersons can coordinate and schedule committee meetings in accordance with Congressional notice provisions in advance of a special session. ONCA 11-58, eff. Sept. 13, 2011; ONCA 15-23, eff. Apr. 22, 2015.