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A. The principal place of business and office of the Authority shall be in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

B. The Authority shall not be limited in the conduct of its business to the geographical boundaries of the Osage Nation. The Authority may establish offices and operational sites within the boundaries consistent with prudent and economical management of the business.

C. The seal of the Authority shall be as prescribed by its trustees.

D. The duration of the Authority is perpetual.

E. The purpose for which the Authority is organized is:

1. To regulate and promote safe, adequate, and efficient utility systems, furnishing electric, gas, water and telephone services, sanitation services and any other services of like or similar nature to consumers regardless of where they may live or do business; and

2. To do everything necessary, proper, advisable or convenient for accomplishment of the purposes hereinabove set forth, and to do all things incidental thereto or connected therewith, which are not prohibited by federal law or the Osage Constitution and laws of the Osage Nation.

F. The Authority is vested with the powers, rights, functions, and jurisdiction to regulate and oversee utilities, including the power to grant franchise rights.

G. The following utility services shall be within the Authority’s regulatory jurisdiction and may be expanded by board vote:

1. Electricity;

2. Gas;

3. Water;

4. Sanitation;

5. Telecommunications;

6. Wastewater treatment; and

7. Renewable energy.

H. The Authority shall have no power to expressly or by implication enter into any agreement of any kind on behalf of the Osage Nation, to pledge the credit or assets of the Nation, or to dispose of, pledge, or otherwise encumber real or personal property of the Nation. ONCA 13-41, eff. Apr. 23, 2013; ONCA 14-43, eff. May 30, 2014.