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A. The board of trustees shall have the power to make and adopt such rules and regulations not inconsistent with law as it may deem advisable for the management and regulation of the business and affairs of the Authority by a majority vote of the board of trustees.

1. The board shall adopt just and reasonable standards, classifications, rules or practices to be observed and followed by any or all public utilities with respect to the service to be furnished; ascertain and fix adequate and reasonable standards for the measurement of the quantity, quality, pressure, initial voltage, or other condition pertaining to the supply of the service; prescribe reasonable rules for the examination and testing of the service and for the measurement thereof, establish or approve reasonable rules, specification, and standards to secure the accuracy of all meters, instruments and equipment used for the measurement of any service or any utility; and the same shall continue in force until amended by the utility or until changed by the board as herein provided.

2. Such rules and regulations shall provide for hearings for all interested persons upon reasonable notice, and their right to present oral or written testimony.

3. No rules or regulation of the Authority shall be of any force or effect until and unless copies of the rule or regulation have been filed for record in the office of the Secretary of the Osage Nation and in the office of the Clerk of the Osage Nation Trial Court. The copy shall bear the signature of the chair certifying that the rule or regulation was duly adopted by the Authority pursuant to this Act and applicable law.

4. The trial court and any other court of competent jurisdiction shall take judicial notice of all rules and regulations of the Authority promulgated pursuant to this Act. ONCA 13-41, eff. Apr. 23, 2013; ONCA 14-43, eff. May 30, 2014.