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A. There is hereby established in the Treasury a revolving fund, not subject to fiscal year limitations, for the purpose of administering the Osage Nation Donation Fund.

B. The fund established by this section shall be designated the “Osage Nation Donation Fund.”

C. The assets of this fund shall consist of monies donated to it by any person or entity, public or private. Such donations may be made with specific instructions on how the donation is to be expended, and the Osage Nation shall adhere to all lawful directives.

D. Expenditures out of this fund are limited to the establishment and administrative costs associated with the Osage Nation Donation Fund, and the distribution of donations in accordance with the donor directive or appropriation of the Osage Nation Congress.

E. The Osage Nation Donation Fund shall be perpetual until terminated by act of the Osage Nation Congress. ONCA 15-26, eff. Apr. 16, 2015.