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A. All Osage Nation governmental branches and independent entities and instrumentalities seeking funding for operations through general appropriation must submit in a form which complies with this Act to the Osage Nation Congress by August 15th of each year:

1. An approved annual budget; and

2. Support documentation.

B. Any approved budget that contains a line item not defined in Section 1A-101 of this Title shall describe the line item in the support documentation.

C. Independent budgets shall be submitted to the Executive Branch; however, independent budgets shall be forwarded to the Congress as submitted to the Executive Branch along with any accompanying budgets modified by the Executive Branch.

D. No approved budget or independent budget for any given fiscal year shall be introduced as general appropriation legislation until the annual projected revenue resolution or report for the same fiscal year is effective.

E. Congress shall only consider approved budgets and independent budgets.

F. Support documentation shall completely and accurately explain the budget justification and include, by tribal funding source, justification for line item expenditures, and conform with all relevant parts of this Act. ONCA 13-67, eff. Oct. 21, 2013; ONCA 19-40, eff. Apr. 26, 2019; ONCA 19-57, eff. June 28, 2019; ONCA 20-40, eff. Apr. 27, 2020.