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A. Department of the Treasury” means the Department of Treasury in the Executive Branch established by Osage law pursuant to the authority granted in Article VII, Section 13 of the Constitution of the Osage Nation.

B. Resolution” means the form of law used by the Osage Tribal Council, the former governing body of the Osage Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma as established by Act of June 28, 1906.

C. Treasury of the Osage Nation” means the place where the revenues of the Osage Nation are deposited and kept and from which money is disbursed to defray government expenses for the benefit of the Osage people.

D. Tribal funds” means revenues of the Osage Nation and Osage Nation assets that can be converted into cash, including demand deposits; capital that is invested or traded as a commodity, including money market funds; certificates of deposit; cash in the form of money or its equivalent, including currency coins, negotiable checks and balances in bank accounts; paper documents that circulate as currency; bills or other forms of indebtedness drawn by a government against its own credit; or any other medium of exchange as currency. ONCA 19-57, eff. June 28, 2019.