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A. Annual reports to the public” shall be defined as executive summary reports of Osage Nation audited reports for the previous fiscal year.

B. Applicable law” shall be defined as laws of the Osage Nation and laws of other jurisdiction that the Osage Nation is required to observe.

C. Executive Department” is defined as the Executive Branch of the Osage Nation Government as defined in the Constitution of the Osage Nation.

D. Financial Management Plan and Investment Strategy” means the investment directives used to guide decisions based on goals, risk tolerance, and future needs in building an investment portfolio, and outlines the qualifications and criteria required of the Investment Manager, which is submitted to the Principal Chief and is subject to review and approval by the Osage Nation Congress.

E. Investment Oversight Committee” means a subordinate committee established under the direction of the Treasurer, comprised of the Treasurer as chair and two qualified professionals, one member appointed by the Principal Chief and one member by motion and affirmative vote of Congress, to implement the Financial Management Plan and Investment Strategy for the Osage Nation.

F. Investment Manager” means the firm or individual selected by the Investment Oversight Committee, to manage investment funds of the Osage Nation, and shall be approved by the Osage Nation Congress.

G. Policies and Procedures” is defined as the Financial and Accounting Policies and Procedures developed and adopted by the Osage Nation Accounting Department.

H. Quarterly reports to be published in the Osage Nation News” shall be defined as executive summaries of the reconciled, closed-out quarterly financial reports for Osage Nation governmental programs and enterprises.

I. Review” is defined as oversight of the Treasury by Congress in the form of Congressional hearings, Congressional requests for testimony from the Executive, or presentation by the Treasurer of periodic and annual reports. ONCA 06-02, eff. Nov. 24, 2006; ONCA 17-64, eff. Apr. 20, 2017; ONCA 19-23, eff. Apr. 16, 2019.