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A. The Treasurer shall serve a term of four years, concurrent with the Office of Principal Chief, subject to the provisions of this section. The term shall begin on the date of appointment by the Principal Chief and end sixty (60) days after the general election in which the Office of the Principal Chief is on the ballot.

1. If a vacancy occurs in the Office of Treasurer, any person appointed and confirmed to fill that vacancy shall:

a. Serve the remainder of the original four-year term; and

b. Be eligible for appointment and confirmation for a subsequent full term.

B. If, upon election, the Principal Chief fails to appoint the incumbent Treasurer or a successor prior to the expiration of the incumbent Treasurer’s term, the incumbent Treasurer shall serve until the Principal Chief appoints a new Treasurer, or the position becomes vacant. ONCA 09-49, eff. Oct. 5, 2009; ONCA 17-64, eff. Apr. 20, 2017.