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All vacancies for the Office of Treasurer shall be filled by appointment of the Principal Chief who shall submit the name of the appointee to the Osage Nation Congress via the Speaker within forty-eight (48) hours after appointment via formal written transmittal signed by him or her and identifying the person appointed. No appointment shall be ripe for confirmation consideration by the Osage Nation Congress without compliance with this section.

If the Congress is not in regular session, the Principal Chief shall make an interim appointment in the event of a vacancy. An interim Treasurer appointment expires at the end of the next regular session of the Osage Nation Congress if the appointee is not confirmed. Failure of the Osage Nation Congress to confirm appointment prior to the end of the session shall constitute rejection.

No person whose appointment as Treasurer has been submitted and rejected by vote or nonaction of the Osage Nation Congress is permitted to serve as interim Treasurer during any recess of the Osage Nation Congress. ONCA 06-02, eff. Nov. 24, 2006; ONCA 17-64, eff. Apr. 20, 2017.