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A. The Treasurer or his/her designee shall:

1. Report regularly to the Principal Chief, keeping the Executive Department fully advised of all financial matters;

2. Acknowledge within two business days, in writing, written requests from the Osage Nation Congress;

3. Fulfill written requests from the Osage Nation Congress in a reasonable and timely manner; and

4. Provide quarterly reports to the Osage Nation Congress regarding the current financial status of the Osage Nation.

B. The Treasurer shall assist the Executive Branch in preparing the comprehensive annual budget, and shall ensure that all budget documents submitted to and required by the Congress are in proper form and contain all required line items and budgetary information.

C. The Treasurer shall review all budgets accompanying all applications, grant requests and proposals for completeness and accuracy prior to their submission and shall indicate same by cover letter signed by the Treasurer to the appropriate department.

D. The Treasurer shall ensure that all departments and programs do not exceed spending of their appropriated funds. The Treasurer shall require each department, division and branch of government to report in writing any line item shift, including the date, the dollar amount to shift, the current line item location, the line item destination, and justification for the line item shift, to the Treasurer within three working days, and the Treasurer shall submit a monthly budget modification report to the Osage Congress. The Treasurer shall disallow any expense request which violates this subsection.

E. The Treasurer shall have the authority to require monthly financial data from the Nation’s tribal enterprises, boards, councils, commissions and all other entities, however designated who receive or generate funding as part of the Nation and may suspend and disallow all funding to any entity who fails to comply with this requirement until such time as compliance is met.

F. The Treasurer shall facilitate the annual audit of the Osage Nation including all of its wholly owned entities and business enterprises. The Treasurer shall participate as a member of the Congressional Audit Selection Committee.

G. The Treasurer shall annually oversee preparation and publication of financial information pertinent to the Nation in the form of an executive summary report of the annual audited financial reports of the Osage Nation to be made available to all enrolled members of the Osage Nation no later than July 15th of each year for the previous fiscal year.

H. The Treasurer shall exercise emergency fiscal authority necessary to protect life, property, and the integrity of the Osage Nation. The Treasurer shall provide a detailed explanation of the emergency and any action taken when emergency authority is exercised to the Executive and Legislative Branches.

I. The Treasurer shall take action, when necessary, in the absence of formal fiscal policy, to promote and protect the financial interests of the Osage Nation.

J. The Treasurer shall assure that annual expenditures shall not exceed the available funds as appropriated by the Congress or appropriate Osage Nation Board of Directors as authorized by Osage Nation law.

K. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate historical accounting of Osage Nation funds.

L. The Treasurer shall sit as chairperson of the Investment Oversight Committee and shall be the Osage Nation’s liaison with the Investment Manager. ONCA 06-02, eff. Nov. 24, 2006; ONCA 07-56, eff. Apr. 14, 2008; ONCA 08-36, eff. Apr. 1, 2009; ONCA 17-64, eff. Apr. 20, 2017; ONCA 19-23, eff. Apr. 16, 2019; ONCA 23-15, eff. Jan. 19, 2023.