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A. Governmental agency” means any department, office, or instrumentality of the Osage Nation government; excluding tribally incorporated limited liability companies and their subsidiaries, and excluding tribal enterprises governed by Tribal Enterprise Boards established under Article VII, Section 14, of the Osage Nation Constitution.

B. Bidding documents” means the bid notice, instructions to bidders, plans and specifications, bidding form, bidding instructions, general conditions, special conditions and all other written instruments prepared by or on behalf of a Procurement Officer for use by prospective bidders on a contract.

C. Procurement Officer” means the individual in the Treasury or the Treasurer’s designee responsible for coordinating all bidding and contracting procedures and documents and for oversight of contracts and contracting activities, and whose actions and documents shall be monitored and subject to approval by the Treasurer.

D. Tribal Development” means the entity or its successor within the Executive Branch of the Osage Nation designated to receive requests for construction projects from Requisitioning Agents, coordinate with the Procurement Officer, and award contracts.

E. Contract” means any construction contract exceeding Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) in aggregate amount including any options or add-ons, which is requisitioned by a Requisitioning Agent for the purpose of making any public improvement or constructing any public building or making repairs to or performing maintenance on the same.

F. Public improvement” means any beneficial or valuable change or addition, betterment, enhancement, or amelioration of or upon any real property, or interest therein, belonging to the Osage Nation, intended to enhance its value, beauty or utility or to adapt it to new or further purposes.

G. Responsible bidder” or “respondent” means a bidder who has met the substantive requirements set forth in the bidding documents or request for proposal.

H. Retainage” means the difference between the amount earned by the contractor on a public construction contract, with the work being accepted by the Procurement Officer, and the amount paid on said contract by the Procurement Officer.

I. Requisitioning Agent” means the person designated within each department, program, or governmental entity of the Osage Nation to make requests to Tribal Development for construction projects.

J. Public building” means any structure that is owned or leased by the Osage Nation, and principally used for public business or meetings.

K. Selection Committee” means individuals designated by Tribal Development to evaluate responses received for the purpose of selecting the responsible or responsive bidder. ONCA 07-57, eff. Apr. 18, 2008; ONCA 12-77, eff. Aug. 23, 2012; ONCA 14-31, eff. May 30, 2014; ONCA 16-06, eff. Dec. 22, 2015; ONCA 21-28, eff. Apr. 26, 2021.