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All bid notices shall set forth the following information:

A. The character of the proposed contract in sufficient details that all bidders shall know exactly what their obligation will be, either in the bid notice itself or by reference to bidding documents on file in the main office of the Procurement Officer; and

B. The name of the officer, agent or employee of the Procurement Officer and the office location and address of such person, from whom a complete set of bidding documents regarding such proposed contract may be obtained, together with the amount of the cost deposit required therefor, if any; and

C. The date, time and place of opening of the sealed bids; and

D. The name and office location and address of the office of the Procurement Officer to whom the sealed bids should be submitted; and

E. Notice of Osage Nation Indian preference policy; and

F. Any additional information regarding such proposed contract deemed by the Procurement Officer to be of beneficial interest to prospective bidders or the public. ONCA 07-57, eff. Apr. 18, 2008; ONCA 14-31, eff. May 30, 2014; ONCA 16-06, eff. Dec. 22, 2015.