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A. All contracts shall have provisions that allow for both termination for cause and termination for convenience of the contract by the owner.

B. All contracts shall require the owner’s representative, if any, and the architect, if any, to report directly to Tribal Development on all design and construction activity.

C. All contracts shall require construction management, construction manager at risk, contractor and subcontractor(s) to adhere to this Act.

D. No contract shall be assignable by the successful bidder without written consent of the Procurement Officer and Tribal Development. In no event shall such a contract be assigned to a bidder who was declared by the Procurement Officer or Tribal Development not to be a responsible bidder in the consideration of bids received for the particular contract. ONCA 07-57, eff. Apr. 18, 2008; ONCA 14-31, eff. May 30, 2014; ONCA 16-06, eff. Dec. 22, 2015.