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All contracts not otherwise authorized and controlled by the laws of the Osage Nation, and which are entered into pursuant to this Act, shall contain an appropriate dispute resolution provision, which includes, (A) the requirement of confidentiality by the parties during negotiations and arbitration; (B) the requirement of the conducting of good faith negotiation of disputes not to exceed a period of thirty (30) days; (C) the demand for arbitration by either party if negotiations fail to resolve the dispute; (D) a limited waiver of sovereign immunity from an action in the Osage Nation Judiciary to compel arbitration, to maintain the status quo during arbitration where found by the Court to be necessary to protect the interests of one or both parties, and to enforce or to contest an arbitration award; (E) a choice of law provision which selects the laws of the Osage Nation, the United States and the State of Oklahoma as the order of their application and use in arbitration and in litigation; (F) a waiver of the right to trial by jury; and (G) the setting of the place for the conducting of negotiations and arbitration. ONCA 07-57, eff. Apr. 18, 2008; ONCA 14-31, eff. May 30, 2014; ONCA 16-06, eff. Dec. 22, 2015.