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As used in this Act:

A. “Benefits” means annual employee benefits as defined in Osage law, including single coverage health insurance at the rate paid by the Nation or the cash equivalent at its total cost, and in the case of Congress members, FICA tax equivalent paid into a matching retirement account in lieu of payments to the United States government.

B. “Compensation” means salary and expense allowance paid as wages and benefits.

C. “Court day” means a day when filed cases are placed on a docket for hearing, are heard, and decided or taken under advisement. Court day includes the time necessary to draft minutes or other orders attendant to the outcome of the hearing.

D. “Expense allowance” means the amount of money paid annually to offset in part the official’s cellular telephone expense, internet, local mileage, and in the case of the judiciary, travel costs. ONCA 14-39, eff. May 30, 2014.