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A. The Osage Nation shall conduct a census once every five years beginning in 2023, which shall be administered through the Executive Branch.

B. The census may contain a request for the following information, along with other questions determined relevant by the Executive Branch:

1. Number of people in the household;

2. Number of Osage members in the household;

3. Ages of each person in the household;

4. Education level of each adult;

5. Employment status of each adult;

6. Net household income;

7. Own or rent current residence;

8. Military or veteran status of each adult;

9. Whether any person receives disability benefits from the state or federal government;

10. If you are within five to ten (10) years of retirement status, do you foresee needing assistance;

11. Do you have private insurance, utilize Indian Health Services or both; and

12. Number of people in the residence who suffer with a chronic illness.

C. The Osage Nation shall request the information be provided, but constituent responses are voluntary. ONCA 22-30, eff. Apr. 8, 2022.