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The duties of the Attorney General include the following:

A. To formulate overall administrative and operating policies pertaining to the office of Attorney General, and to take such action as the Attorney General shall deem necessary for the accomplishment and enforcement thereof;

B. To enforce the provisions of the Constitution and all other laws of the Nation, as well as perform all of the duties conferred and imposed by law upon the Attorney General;

C. To exercise supervisory control and direction over personnel within the Office of the Attorney General;

D. To retain private counsel for limited legal services to handle particular matters under this chapter. Such counsel may be retained to represent the Osage Nation government in distant forums, to provide specialized legal expertise not available from within the Office of the Attorney General, and to respond to exceptional demand for legal services under this chapter. Any counsel hired under this subsection shall be subject to the supervision of the Attorney General;

E. To coordinate with any other outside legal counsel to the Osage Nation government when requested; and

F. To perform all duties and responsibilities of the office in accordance with the highest standards of legal ethics as required of members of the American Bar Association by the ABA Code of Professional Responsibility.

G. Upon the certification of election results, the Attorney General shall incorporate or abrogate all successful constitutional amendment(s) into the Osage Nation Constitution within sixty (60) days. The Office of the Attorney General shall be responsible for the publication of the Osage Nation Constitution in a timely manner. Copies of the amended Constitution shall be delivered to the Principal Chief, the Speaker of Congress and the Chief Justice of the Osage Nation Supreme Court. ONCA 10-84, eff. Dec. 26, 2010; ONCA 15-74, eff. Sept. 17, 2015.