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A. All boards and commissions shall be designated as one of the following: advisory board, business board, business commission, nonbusiness board, nonbusiness commission. All members of a board or commissions of a certain designation shall receive the same compensation as other members of a board and commission of the same designation. Compensation shall be set by Congressional resolution every odd year and appropriated by law. Compensation may, but need not, include the following:

1. Stipend; and

2. Travel.

B. Compensation for each category of board or commission shall be uniform and stated by category and type allowed in the resolution.

C. Board members of nonbusiness boards who are employees of the Osage Nation shall serve in compliance with compensation and benefits policies of their employment and the ethics law of the Osage Nation.

D. Board members shall be paid their board compensation monthly and be categorized as independent contractors.

E. Board members may decline compensation by written notification to the Office of the Principal Chief. ONCA 15-94, eff. Oct. 5, 2015; ONCA 16-113, eff. Oct. 5, 2016.