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A. Unauthorized personal use of property or funds of the Osage Nation. No Osage Nation official or employee shall use any property of the Osage Nation or any other public property of any kind other than as authorized. Such persons shall properly protect and conserve all such property, equipment and supplies which are so entrusted, assigned or issued to them.

B. Employee misuse prohibited. No Osage Nation official or employee shall employ or contract, with funds of the Osage Nation, any unauthorized person(s) not persons who do not perform duties commensurate with such compensation, and shall utilize authorized employees, contracted individuals and staff only for the official purposes for which they are employed or otherwise retained.

C. Confidential information. No Osage Nation official or employee shall use or disclose confidential information gained in the course of or by reason of their official position or activities to further their own economic and personal interest or that of any other person, or to the detriment of the Nation. ONCA 08-33, eff. Sept. 30, 2008.