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A. Any member of the public receiving a notice of denial of a record request may challenge the denial by making a claim for record access in the Trial Court of the Osage Nation.

B. The Claimant shall follow the Rules of Civil Procedure adopted by the Osage Nation Courts for filing a claim.

C. The Osage Nation Court Clerk’s Office shall make a Claim of Records Access form available to the public which explains court procedure, allows the public access to the Court to be heard without an attorney, and upon filing provides a date and time when the matter will be heard.

D. The Court shall, subject to 3 ONC § 1-103, award actual court costs, attorney fees and expenses to each claimant who receives a final judgment in their favor on a claim for access to records under this Act.

E. The Osage Nation waives its sovereign immunity for the limited purpose of resolving claims filed by the public to produce records under this Act. ONCA 10-05, eff. Dec. 26, 2009; ONCA 14-03, eff. Oct. 25, 2013.