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A. All Osage Nation laws shall apply to Si-Si A-Pe-Txa except as specifically set forth in this section.

B. Personnel and Labor Laws. To the extent Si-Si A-Pe-Txa personnel policies vary from that of the Nation, Si-Si A-Pe-Txa’s policies shall control, so long as the policies have been approved by the Si-Si A-Pe-Txa Board, include minimum due process protections, incorporate Osage preference, and comply with applicable Osage Nation, federal, and state law. Such policies may include an express exemption from the following Osage Nation labor laws:

1. Due Process in Termination of Employment, Title 15, Chapter 14;

2. Merit Employment, Title 19, Chapter 3;

3. Merit Pay, Title 19, Chapter 7.

Any Osage Nation labor laws not listed above and expressly exempted in Si-Si A-Pe-Txa policy shall apply. Other exemptions from Osage Nation law not provided herein are subject to the approval of the Osage Nation Congress.

C. Procurement and Finance Laws. The powers of the Osage Nation Treasury over Si-Si A-Pe-Txa shall be limited to transferring health care funds in accordance with subsection (D) of this section and conducting investigations regarding misappropriation of funds under 15 ONC § 2-316, if appropriate. Specifically, the following provisions of Title 15, Chapter 2 do not apply to Si-Si A-Pe-Txa: 15 ONC §§ 2-311, 2-313, 2-317, 2-319, 2-320, 2-321 and 2-322. Title 15, Chapter 2, Subchapters 4 and 5 do not apply to Si-Si A-Pe-Txa.

D. Appropriations Law. Within ten (10) days of receipt by the Osage Nation Treasury, the Treasurer shall transfer one hundred percent (100%) of all federal health care funding to Si-Si A-Pe-Txa, including all funds from the Indian Health Service and any grant funds or third-party revenues that do not go directly to Si-Si A-Pe-Txa. Such transfer shall be made without the need for separate appropriation or additional authorization. The Si-Si A-Pe-Txa Accounting Department shall coordinate with the Office of Self-Governance to satisfy all reporting and reconciliation requirements. ONCA 21-31, eff. Apr. 25, 2022.