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A. There is hereby created an “Osage Nation Member Health Benefit Fund” also known as the Health Benefit Fund.

B. The Osage Nation Member Health Benefit Fund shall be administered by the Osage Nation Treasurer.

C. The Treasurer shall set the maximum amount payable for each Osage Nation Member under age sixty-five (65) under a plan on or before September 15th of each fiscal year for expenditure the following calendar year.

D. The Health Benefit Fund shall also be used to pay premiums for Medicare Supplement Insurance for Plan F, Plan G and Part D coverage for individual eligible members who elect such coverage.

E. Balances in the Health Benefit Fund in each calendar year shall remain in the fund, and not revert back to the General Fund at the end of the calendar year.

F. The Health Benefit Fund shall be an interest bearing account, and accrued interest shall remain in the fund for expenditure in conformity with this Act.

G. Participants reaching age sixty-five (65) during a plan year following January 1st will only be eligible to draw prorated benefits from the Health Benefit Fund if they elect to be enrolled in the Medicare Supplement during that plan year.

H. Expenditures out of this fund are authorized only for the eligible expenses stated in IRS Notice 2006-69, found in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2006-31, published July 31, 2006, and thereby limit approved purchases to those which qualify as medical expenses under current IRS rules paid on behalf of individual members, any additional expenditures allowed by the Osage Nation and listed in a plan, and Medicare supplemental coverage Plan F, Plan G and Part D pursuant to this Act.

I. Annual administration costs up to seven and one-half percent of the total amount of benefits disbursed from the fund in the previous calendar year are authorized to be paid from the fund. Any administrative cost which exceeds the seven and one-half percent limitation shall require an appropriation of Congress, prior to payment.

J. The Treasurer shall be responsible for contracting external audits and continuous monitoring required by this Act. ONCA 08-46, eff. Nov. 28, 2008; ONCA 11-53, eff. Apr. 13, 2011; ONCA 12-97, eff. Sept. 28, 2012; ONCA 13-31, eff. July 15, 2014; ONCA 16-37, eff. Apr. 20, 2016; ONCA 17-116, eff. Oct. 31, 2017; ONCA 18-70, eff. Apr. 25, 2019; ONCA 22-108, eff. Sept. 26, 2022.