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Suspected abuse or neglect of an elder shall be reported to the Osage Nation Social Services Department by:

A. The elder’s family or caretaker;

B. Any Osage Nation employee;

C. Any Osage Nation elected official;

D. Any employee of an Osage Nation owned business, even if not managed by the Nation;

E. Indian Health Service personnel and all Osage Nation clinics and hospitals;

F. Bureau of Indian Affairs personnel;

G. Any medical or osteopathic doctor, coroner or medical examiner, chiropractor, podiatrist, dentist, religious practitioner, nurse, health aide, human services worker, elder’s service provider, nursing home provider, or any other health and elder or human services provider, or its employees who deliver services to Tribal elders;

H. Any person or agency or employee of such agency with a fiduciary duty to the elder such as a lawyer, accountant, financial institution, or property manager;

I. Any person who has good reason to suspect that an elder has been or is being abused or neglected.