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If the Court determines that an elder is incapacitated and abused or neglected, the Court shall issue an elder protection order which provides appropriate protection for the elder. Such protection may include, but is not limited, to the following:

A. Removing the elder from the place where the abuse or neglect has taken or is taking place;

B. Removing the person who has abused or neglected an elder from the elder’s home;

C. Restraining the person who has abused or neglected an elder from continuing such acts;

D. Requiring an elder’s family or caretaker or any other person with a fiduciary duty to the elder to account for the elder’s funds and property;

E. Requiring any person who has abused or neglected an elder to pay restitution to the elder for damages resulting from that person’s wrongdoing;

F. Appointing a representative, guardian of the person, or Guardian Ad Litem for the elder;

G. Recommending that a representative payee be named; and

H. Ordering the Osage Nation Social Services Department to prepare a plan for and deliver elder protection services which provide the least restrictive alternatives for services, care, treatment, or placement consistent with the elder’s needs.