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A. If any minor, having a parent or parents living, has property, the income of which is sufficient for his or her maintenance and education in a manner more expensive than such parent or parents can reasonably afford, regard being had to all of the circumstances of the case, the expenses of the education and maintenance of such minor may be defrayed out of the income of the property of the minor in whole or in part, as judged reasonable and as directed by the Court. The charges therefore may be allowed accordingly in the settlement of the accounts of the guardian of the minor.

B. Except as provided in subsection (A) of this section:

1. Any order appointing a guardian of the minor who has a living parent or other person legally responsible for the support of the child shall:

a. Provide for the payment of child support by each parent or other responsible party pursuant to the Osage Nation child support guidelines. Each parent, including parents who reside together, shall be individually ordered to pay the percentage of the total monthly child support obligation attributable to that parent; and

b. Contain an immediate income assignment;

2. The Court may defer the issue of establishment or enforcement of child support to the appropriate administrative or court when child support services are being provided; and

3. Any guardianship for a minor shall comply with the provisions of this subsection. Guardianships for a minor shall comply with the provisions of this subsection as ordered by the Court.

C. In any guardianship in which provision is made for the custody or support of a minor child or enforcement of an existing custody or support order or before hearing the matter or signing any orders, the Court shall inquire whether public assistance money or medical support has been provided through the Department of Human Services, Osage Nation Social Services or other services, for the benefit of each child, or whether the Department is providing child support services pursuant to any state or tribal child support plan. If public assistance money, medical support, or child support services have been provided for the benefit of the child, the Department or Tribal Office shall be a necessary party for the adjudication of the debt due to the proper jurisdiction. ONCA 13-34, eff. Apr. 19, 2013.