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A. Every guardian or limited guardian of the property of a ward shall file an inventory of the estate of his ward within two months after his appointment. The time to file an inventory may be extended by the Court for good cause shown. The Court may, upon application made for that purpose by any interested person, compel the guardian or limited guardian of the property of a ward to render a revised inventory or account to the Court of the estate of his ward. Each inventory and account returned or rendered must be sworn to by the guardian or limited guardian.

B. The guardian shall state his opinion of the value of the estate of the ward described in the first inventory. Such inventory shall be filed with the Court Clerk. Whenever any other property of the estate of any ward is discovered, not included in the inventory of the estate already returned, and whenever any other property has been succeeded to or acquired by any ward, or for his benefit, like proceedings must be had for the return thereof. If requested by the ward, judge or any interested person, such property must be appraised by appraisers appointed, sworn and acting in the manner provided for regulating the settlement of the estate of decedents.

C. The Court shall not waive any inventory of property of the ward which is required by this section. ONCA 13-34, eff. Apr. 19, 2013.