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A. Effect of rental agreements. The provisions of this Title, as well as the applicable laws identified in Section 1-104 of this Title, establish the minimum rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, unless inconsistent therewith, rental agreements may supplement these minimum rights and responsibilities.

B. Terms; prohibited in rental agreements. No rental agreement shall provide that the tenant agrees:

1. To waive or forfeit his rights or remedies under this Title or any other applicable laws as identified in Section 1-104 of this Title;

2. To exculpate or limit the liability of the landlord or to indemnify the landlord for that liability or the costs connected therewith;

3. To permit the landlord to dispossess him without resort to court order; or

4. To pay a late charge prior to the expiration of the grace period set forth in Section 3-101(A) of this Title. A provision prohibited by this subsection shall be unenforceable.

C. Term or Tenancy. In the absence of a definite term in the rental agreement the tenancy shall be month-to-month.

D. Payment of Rent. In the absence of definite terms in the rental agreement, rent is payable at the landlord’s office (if known) or at the dwelling unit. In the absence of definite terms, the amount of rent shall be the fair market value of the rental unit. ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.