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A. When Notice to Quit Is Required. When a landlord desires to obtain possession of a dwelling unit, and when there exists one or more legally cognizable reasons to evict the tenant or tenants occupying the unit as set forth in Section 3-101 of this Title, the landlord shall give notice to the adult tenants to quit possession of such dwelling unit according to the provisions of this chapter.

B. Purpose of Notice to Quit. The purpose of the notice to quit is to provide advance notice to the tenant of a specific problem which needs to be addressed. It is also intended to induce the tenant to enter into discussions with the landlord in order to resolve the problem.

C. Statement of Grounds for Eviction Required. The notice to quit shall be addressed to the adult tenants of the dwelling unit and shall state the legally cognizable reason(s) for termination of the tenancy and the date by which the tenant is required to quit possession of the dwelling unit.

D. Form of Notice. The notice shall be in writing substantially in the following form:

I (or we) hereby give you notice that you are to quit possession or occupancy of the dwelling unit now occupied by you at (here insert the address or other reasonable description of the location of the dwelling unit) on or before the (here insert the date) for the following reason (here insert the legally cognizable reason or reasons for the notice to quit possession using the statutory language or words of similar import).

Signed; (here insert the signature, name and address of the landlord, as well as the date and place of signing).

E. Time Requirements for Notice. The notice must be delivered within the following periods of time:

1. No less than seven calendar days prior to the date to quit specified in the notice for any failure to pay rent or other payments required by the agreement.

2. No less than three calendar days prior to the date to quit specified in the notice for nuisance, serious injury to property, or injury to persons. In situations in which there is an emergency, such as a fire or condition making the dwelling unsafe or uninhabitable, or in situations involving an imminent or serious threat to public health or safety, the notice may be made in a period of time which is reasonable, given the situation.

3. No less than fourteen (14) calendar days in all other situations. ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.