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A. If the tenant appears before the Court in person or in writing to test the complaint, the Court shall set a hearing date. Any written response shall state any defenses or factual disputes and where any defendant appears in person, a written response shall be served upon the plaintiff within five calendar days of any hearing, excluding weekends and holidays.

B. The Court shall set a hearing date which is no more than fifteen (15) calendar days following the date for appearance, except when the hearing date would fall on a weekend or holiday, and in such a situation on the first regular court day following the date.

C. A defendant may, for good cause shown, and upon the payment of a reasonable sum for the fair rental value of the premises between the date on which the complaint was filed and the date of hearing, obtain an extension of time, beyond the fifteen (15) day period. The Court may refuse to extend the date of hearing where the complaint is based upon nuisance or injuries provided in Section 3-101(C) of this Title, and shall not extend the date of hearing where the complaint is based upon conduct which is alleged to constitute a serious danger to public health, or peace.

D. The Court may in its discretion on motion from the landlord order the tenant to pay into the Court rents for the use and occupancy during the pendency of the eviction case. ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.