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A. The following requirements shall govern all merit employees:

1. The Osage Nation shall recruit, select, and advance employees based on merit and Osage preference as defined in Osage law;

2. Employees shall be treated fairly and equitably;

3. Employees shall be eligible for advancement only on the basis of the employee’s ability and performance record. Osage preference does apply but it does not remove the requirements of ability and performance;

4. Employees shall be managed efficiently and effectively;

5. Employees shall be paid equally for work of equal value, including appropriate incentives and recognition for excellence in performance;

6. Employees shall be retained on the basis of the adequacy of performance. Inadequate performance by an employee shall be corrected, and where an employee cannot or will not improve their performance, the employee shall be separated from the Nation;

7. Employees shall be protected against political influence;

8. Employees shall be protected against reprisal for the lawful disclosure of information as a “whistleblower”; and

9. Employees may be provided training if it will result in better organizational or individual performance. ONCA 20-24, eff. Apr. 27, 2020.