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A. Employees of the Osage Nation shall have the right to the grievance procedure as a formal avenue to raise a concern or complaint after the introductory period set out in policy of each branch of government.

B. The grievance procedure shall consist of a three-step process where the employee will first address the work-related issue with their immediate supervisor, then the Human Resources Department and finally to the Attorney General and or their designee.

C. The Osage Nation Human Resources Department is hereby authorized to develop, implement, and publish policies and procedures consistent with the grievance process for addressing employment disputes. The grievance process shall:

1. Be afforded to all merited employees of the Osage Nation who have successfully completed their applicable introductory period;

2. Be exhausted before seeking review in the Trial Court; and

3. Include a provision to require that grievances are reviewed, documented and processed within a specified time frame. ONCA 20-24, eff. Apr. 27, 2020.