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A. Claims for benefits shall be made by the worker to Human Resources, their supervisor or department head within thirty (30) days after you have sustained an injury or knowledge thereof of an occupational disease or cumulative trauma, but in no event after worker’s termination from employment with the Nation. For purposes of this Act, a worker filing a claim for benefits under this Act with the Human Resources Office shall constitute filing a claim with the Administrator.

B. Claims for occupational disease or cumulative trauma shall be made by the worker to the Administrator within thirty (30) days from date of first notice to the claimant by a physician or from the date of manifestation of symptoms, whichever is earliest, but in no event after worker’s employment with the employer is terminated.

C. Failure to give notice of injury or occupational disease to the employer as required by Sections 4-106 and 4-107 of this Title, or to file a claim for benefits for injury or occupational disease with the Administrator within the time limit set forth in this section, shall constitute a forfeiture by the worker, or his representatives in case of death, of all benefits available and payable under this Act. ONCA 12-76, eff. Oct. 1, 2012; ONCA 15-52, eff. Nov. 6, 2015.