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No benefits of any nature shall be payable for any worker’s injury or death caused by a worker’s willful intention to injure himself or another. An injury sustained during “horseplay” is not incurred in the course and scope of employment, and thus such an injury under this Act is not compensable. In addition, the willful disregard of a safety order from the employer to the worker to wear or use a safety device and/or to perform work in a certain manner may cause such person to forfeit all rights to benefits or payments, upon proof that the offense was committed and that such disregard or performance was the direct and proximate cause of the injury, death, and/or occupational disease. A worker’s willful disabling of safety devices on equipment constitutes a willful intention to injure himself thereby precluding eligibility for benefits under this Act. ONCA 12-76, eff. Oct. 1, 2012.