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A. Base rate of pay adjustments shall be comprised of one or more of the following components, as appropriate, and administered according to the Human Resources policies and procedures:

1. Special adjustments are to correct internal or external compensation inequities as determined by the Office of Human Resources.

a. A special adjustment will only be considered when there appears to be a significant internal or external compensation inequity as determined by the Office of Human Resources.

b. A special adjustment is a one-time adjustment to correct identified inequities.

2. Merited employees of the Osage Nation shall be eligible upon hire for inflation adjustments. Inflation adjustments shall:

a. Be a percentage increase given to all merited employees determined by the Office of the Treasury and approved by Congress to be in effect no more often than once every twelve (12) months;

b. Be calculated considering one or more of the following factors:

i. Consumer price index (CPI);

ii. Employment cost index;

iii. Variance inflation factor;

iv. Economic impact surveys; and

v. Availability of funds;

c. Become part of the employee’s annual base salary;

d. Be requested by the Office of the Treasury to Congress by May 1st of each year; and

e. If approved by the Osage Nation Congress, become effective the first full pay period of the Nation’s fiscal year, unless otherwise determined by the Treasurer.

3. Merited employees who earn a degree, licensure, or certification shall qualify for an education adjustment. The Office of Human Resources shall develop and implement policies and procedures consistent with education adjustments. An employee may not receive more than a total of five percent education adjustment(s) in one fiscal year.

4. Temporary base pay adjustments are authorized and allow an employee to temporarily, for a period of no less than thirty (30) days and no longer than six months, receive a rate of compensation which is higher than their current salary for temporarily being assigned additional or higher-level duties/responsibilities. ONCA 20-25, eff. Apr. 27, 2020.