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A. Performance recognition shall be comprised of two types: financial and nonfinancial.

B. Financial recognition shall:

1. Consist of a monetary award to include bonuses, gift cards/certificates or other forms of financial payment;

2. Be included in the annual budget of the Nation;

3. Recipients of this award shall be determined by Human Resources policies and procedures and administered through the Office of Human Resources; and

4. Consist of separate payment(s) to the recipient which shall not become part of the recipient’s base wage.

C. Nonfinancial recognition shall:

1. Consist of any form of employee recognition which is primarily a noncash award such as, but not limited to, public or private recognition or ceremonies, or other similar awards; and

2. Recipients of this award shall be determined by personnel policies and procedures of the employee’s branch of government. ONCA 20-25, eff. Apr. 27, 2020.