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A. The Osage Nation Congress hereby waives the sovereign immunity of the Osage Nation limited to the Osage Nation Courts, and no other jurisdiction, for causes of action specifically for sexual discrimination or sexual harassment.

B. Provided, however, that this limited waiver of sovereign immunity shall not extend to the granting of any relief or judgment to funds, revenues, assets or other property of the grantor that are appropriated by the United States Congress, federal trust funds or trust property, or the Osage Mineral Estate (including any funds or headright interests derived therefrom). Under no circumstances shall this limited waiver be construed to authorize any enforcement of any kind whatsoever against any other assets of the Nation except its unobligated revenues; nor shall it be construed to authorize any award of extraordinary, punitive, or consequential damages except as specifically authorized. Nothing in this paragraph authorizes any waiver, limitation, or modification of the sovereign immunity of the Osage Nation from unconsented suit nor recovery of any award of damages from any assets of the Osage Nation other than those of the Nation as specifically provided herein. ONCA 22-41, eff. Apr. 14, 2022.