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Every Resolution, except such as relate to the business or adjournment of the Legislature, legislative referendum and constitutional amendment, passed by the Osage Nation Congress shall be presented to the Principal Chief. If approved, the Principal Chief shall sign it and notify the Congress of that fact. If a Resolution is vetoed by the Principal Chief, it shall be returned with objections to the Osage Nation Congress. The objections shall be entered in the journal. If, after reconsideration, at least three-fourths or nine Members of Congress vote to pass the resolution, it shall be effective. Any resolution not returned by the Principal Chief within five days, Sundays and holidays excepted, after it is presented becomes effective as if signed by the Principal Chief. Any Resolution passed during the last three days of a session may be presented to the Principal Chief during the three days following the day of final adjournment, and the Principal Chief may sign or not sign. If not signed, the Resolution does not become effective. ONCA 13-63, eff. Sept. 24, 2013.