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A. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Juvenile Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in proceedings:

1. Concerning any child in need of supervision within the Osage Nation’s territorial jurisdiction;

2. Concerning any child who is delinquent, neglected, or dependent, within the Osage Nation’s territorial jurisdiction;

3. Concerning any transfer proceeding to or from a court of another sovereign in a children’s case;

4. To determine the legal custody of any child or to appoint a guardian of the person or legal custodian of any child who comes within the Juvenile Court’s jurisdiction;

5. For the issuance of orders of support of minor children;

6. To determine the parentage of a child and to make an order of support in connection therewith;

7. For the adoption of a person of any age;

8. For the judicial consent to the marriage, employment, or enlistment of a child, when such consent is required by law; and

9. For the treatment or commitment of a mentally ill or developmentally disabled child who comes within the Court’s jurisdiction.

B. The Juvenile Court has concurrent jurisdiction over the following:

1. Any person who is a member, or eligible for membership of any Indian Tribe;

2. Any child residing off the reservation, who is a member of the Osage Nation, in proceedings covered by the Indian Child Welfare Act pending in state courts or other tribal courts.

C. The Court may issue temporary orders providing for protection, support or medical or surgical treatment as it deems in the best interest of any child concerning whom a petition has been filed prior to adjudication or disposition of his/her case.

D. Nothing in this section shall deprive the Trial Court of jurisdiction to appoint a guardian for the child nor of jurisdiction to determine legal custody of a child upon writ of habeas corpus or when the question of legal custody is incidental to the determination of a cause in the Trial Court except that:

1. If a petition involving the same child is pending in Juvenile Court or if continuous jurisdiction has been previously acquired by the Juvenile Court, the Trial Court shall certify the question of legal custody to the Juvenile Court; and

2. The Trial Court at any time may request the Juvenile Court to make recommendations pertaining to guardianship or legal custody.

E. Where a custody award has been made in the Trial Court in a dissolution of a marriage action or another proceeding and the Trial Court may take jurisdiction in a case involving the same child if he is deprived or neglected or otherwise comes within the jurisdiction set forth herein.