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The records of the Children and Family Services Administration concerning all children’s cases under the provisions of this Title shall not be inspected or disclosed to the public, including the names of the children taken into temporary custody or issued a summons, except:

A. To the victim in each case when the child is found guilty of a delinquent act;

B. When the child has escaped from an institution in which he has been committed;

C. By order of the Court;

D. When the Court orders the child to be held for criminal proceedings;

E. When there has been a criminal conviction and a pre-sentence investigation is being made on an application for probation; or

F. When the disclosure is to a Osage Nation, federal or state officer, employee or agency in their official capacity who show a bona fide need for the information requested to assist in apprehension, to conduct a current investigation or as otherwise provided by Osage Nation law.