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A. If the Court is satisfied that grounds for the application exist or that there is probable cause to believe that they exist, it shall issue a search warrant identifying by name or describing with particularity the child sought and the place to be searched for the child.

B. The search warrant or pick-up order shall be directed to any law enforcement officer authorized by law to execute it wherein the place to be searched is located.

C. The warrant or pick-up order shall state the grounds or probable cause for its issuance.

D. The warrant or pick-up order shall be served in the daytime unless the application for the warrant alleges that it is necessary to conduct the search at some other time, in which case the Court may so direct.

E. A copy of the warrant or pick-up order shall be served upon the person in possession of the place to be searched and where the child is to be sought, or if no one is home, a copy shall be left in plain sight within the place searched.

F. If the child is found, the child shall be taken into custody and transported to and placed in the detention or shelter facility.

G. The warrant or pick-up orders shall be returned to the issuing Court immediately upon service and the officer shall subscribe on the warrant his name, the date and time of service and the place where the child was delivered by him. A copy shall be delivered to the Tribal Prosecutor. If the child was not found, such information should be subscribed on the warrant.